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  • Event video

    Recently I filmed an event video. Most of it shot on a little Sony RX100 Mark V.

  • I made a short movie about flatsharing project for refugees

    Here is a short piece about Flüchtlinge Willkommen – Zimmer für geflüchtete Menschen project I shot and edited for Global Citizen. Shot on Digital Bolex D16 and Canon EOS5D Mark III (ML RAW).

  • Diary video. Võsu, Estonia, Summer 2015

    Diary of a one day spent with my daughter and my mother in small village in Estonia, where my family goes almost every summer for about 50 years. Shot on Digital Bolex,…

  • Video backstage of fashion photoshoot

    For L’Autre Chose I made a backstage video of a fashion photoshoot. Shot on Digital Bolex and Canon EOS 5D Mark III (both in RAW).

  • Olaf Bär interview

    For Franck Media I did an interview with 1984 Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition second place winner Olaf Bär in Dresden.

  • Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia finally online

    Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, documentary movie by Milene Larsson and Olga Kravets made for VICE. Cameramen – Nikita Pavlov and Mikhail Galustov. We’ve been working on this movie for a…

  • Goodbye Tegel

    The delay of the opening of the new airport causes trouble to a young expat that comes back to his girlfriend, in Berlin. written and directed by Sergio Rufini Mastropasqua Camera operator…