Tomorrow Will Be The Same

Musical post-apocalyptic film, 1 hour 6 min
Director Petr Laden
DoP Nikita Pavlov, Petr Laden
Written By Petr Laden, Kirill Shirokov
Starring Sasha Elina, Kirill Shirokov

Like august flies, trying to escape certain death, people before the apocalypse started to copulate, mindlessly and robotically. Insatiable lust reigned over senseless flesh. Slaps, slurps and moans echoed across lands. It lasted for a long time, until every single one was completely exhausted. Then time stopped. The final pause had come.
Only two people remained untouched. Having merged, like Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, in music that gave them eternal life, they wander timeless, empty spaces. Their destiny – to save humanity. But humanity means nothing to them as it had failed to happen.

Main characters of the movie, Kirill Shirokov and Sasha Elina, are real musicians and founders of ‘the same’ ensemble, specialized in performing quite music related to certain space and time. During the film they perform music from ‘every day melodies’ series composed by Kirill Shirokov.

The movie is the first part of mini-series discovering the territory of contemporary art music.