The Shelter

The Shelter is a story of an imaginary land, where people have universal problems. But at the same time the viewer can easily guess where it takes place, even though no names are used.
The story is unfolding in strange collective communities, which have nothing to do with our understanding of rurality. It seems they have everything one can desire.
But they lack the most important thing – peace with their neighbours; they protect themselves with a shelter; a shelter that, no matter how much they may hate it shapes their lives – and also, shapes the installation itself.

Photos, interviews and idea by Olga Kravets
Video by Nikita Pavlov
Multimedia production: Jose Bautista
Translation: Grigory Asmolov and Lethee Rotschild
Voiceovers: Steve Mepsted, Velislav Radev, Maria Vassilieva, Nora Warren, Robin Warren


Please contact me to get the link for the full length movie.