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  • Future of Finland

    One of the most interesting projects I participated in – Suomen tulevaisuus, Future of Finland, tv series which got two awards at the Life Science Film Festival in Prague. For this episode, Wood and…

  • Maffick’s Waste-Ed

    For Maffick’s new channel Waste-Ed I participated in creating this video. I shot interviews, views of WeWork office and Berlin (also used some old footage, like my drone shot), and did some…

  • LGBTQI Jamaicans escape to Germany with the help of Rainbow Railroad

    Video I shot for Rainbow Railroad about four people who escaped Jamaica because of violence and hate against LGBTQI.

  • Screening of our video I WANT at the BERLIN ART WEEK

    Our video I WANT (director Maria Naumova, director of photography Nikita Pavlov) will be shown at the Berlin Art Week, in ‘The Publisher’, Torstrasse 147, Berlin. 28.09 | 6pm – 10pm 29.09…

  • Zalando Play

    With amazing team from The Studio at Zalando we made a video with Aminata Belli and Anouk Jans about 90’s party looks. Check it out here:

  • Event video

    Recently I filmed an event video. Most of it shot on a little Sony RX100 Mark V.

  • I made a short movie about flatsharing project for refugees

    Here is a short piece about Flüchtlinge Willkommen – Zimmer für geflüchtete Menschen project I shot and edited for Global Citizen. Shot on Digital Bolex D16 and Canon EOS5D Mark III (ML RAW).

  • Musrara graduates exhibition, Berlin

    With this photograph from the series My Friend’s Families I participate in Musrara graduates exhibition at Circle1, Berlin. There will be a Special event of live music played by the school’s graduates…

  • We participate at the RichterFest, Moscow

    With my daughter Ida Leah we made a video for RichterFest, Moscow (19.08.2017). That was her first exhibition.

  • Easiest way to put rods on your camera

    This is first video for my upcoming short series of tech reviews All links for UK/DE/FR etc below! But first for AMERICA: In this video I am reviewing SMALLRIG Multipurpose U-Base 1674…

  • Screenings of our movie ‘Tomorrow Will Be the same’ in Russia

    Our movie Tomorrow Will Be the same (Director Petr Laden, cinematographer Nikita Pavlov) will be screened 6.03.17 at the festival Spirit of Fire in Khanty-Mansiysk, and in Moscow at the Centre of…

  • Our movie at ArtDocFest Moscow

    Our movie It’s Getting Dark (director Olga Kravets, DoP Nikita Pavlov) will be screened at Moscow ArtDocFest. Октябрь 11 Каро, зал 7     Sun 4.12.16     20:45    buy tickets Октябрь…

  • Our movie will be at IDFA!

    That means a lot for us. Our movie It’s Getting Dark about families of political prisoners in Russia (director Olga Kravets, DP Nikita Pavlov) has been selected for the World Premiere at the…

  • Screening of our movie Return of Curonian Pilot in Moscow 25.09.16

    25 September 2016 at the International Kansk Video Festival will be a screening of our movie “Return of Curonian Pilot” (director Petr Zhukov, DP Nikita Pavlov.

  • I shot a video about Syrian refugee feeding homeless people in Berlin

    This is the video I shot for Global Citizen about Syrian refugee Alex Assali and his project Give Something Back to German People, where he feeds every Sunday homeless people on Alexanderplatz.

  • The Cinemathon Workshop

    This is the video of the workshop on the future of cinema that I was filming for Cinemathon. The project was premiered in Cannes. Filmed on Digital Bolex and Canon EOS 5D…

  • Interview with Michael Green

    Here is an excerpt of an interview I shot in Paris at the climate conference with an architect and TED-talker Michael Green for the upcoming episode of the Future of Finland documentary…

  • Screenings of my movies in Berlin – 29 January

    still from the movie U Movies U and Farewell to Fireplace will be screened in Berlin, 29 January 2016, 19:30, at the Neu West Berlin (Yorckstr 85, 10965 Berlin, Germany), in the…

  • My new video: climate activists on the streets of Paris at the last day of COP21

    I made this video with Olga Kravets for Editing was done by takepart, I was cinematographer on that piece.   As the Paris climate negotiations ended yesterday, leaders from around the…

  • Diary video. Võsu, Estonia, Summer 2015

    Diary of a one day spent with my daughter and my mother in small village in Estonia, where my family goes almost every summer for about 50 years. Shot on Digital Bolex,…

  • Video backstage of fashion photoshoot

    For L’Autre Chose I made a backstage video of a fashion photoshoot. Shot on Digital Bolex and Canon EOS 5D Mark III (both in RAW).

  • Olaf Bär interview

    For Franck Media I did an interview with 1984 Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition second place winner Olaf Bär in Dresden.

  • Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia finally online

    Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, documentary movie by Milene Larsson and Olga Kravets made for VICE. Cameramen – Nikita Pavlov and Mikhail Galustov. We’ve been working on this movie for a…

  • Goodbye Tegel

    The delay of the opening of the new airport causes trouble to a young expat that comes back to his girlfriend, in Berlin. written and directed by Sergio Rufini Mastropasqua Camera operator…

  • My work for Jerusalem Seasons of Culture

    And pictures.

  • Publication in Haaretz

    Article about my picture. English translation at website.

  • Local Testimony exhibition

    I eon two third places at Local Testimony contest. Category Society and Community: Culture and Arts: Exhibition till 15 January at Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

  • Ethiopian wedding

  • Film Stills

    Pictures from my exhibition “Film Stills”

  • Russian Cinema. Reality Point (exhibition)

    Pictures from my exhibition Russian Cinema. Reality Point in Saint Petersburg.

  • 54 Characters

    Project by Petr Zhukov and Ekaterina Gavrilova

  • 25 years in Russia

    Pictures from my exhibition 25 Years in Russia (Brown Stripe apartment gallery, Moscow).

  • Exhibition 26/40 in Moscow

  • Exhibition 26/40 in Jerusalem

  • My Still Life in Jerusalem

    Pictures from my exhibition My Still Life in Jerusalem (Brown Stripe apartment gallery, Moscow).