Nikita Pavlov - videographer

I am a filmmaker, DoP, photographer based in Berlin.

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, I was working as a photographer in Russia and Israel for more than 10 years, being staff photographer with the Seance film magazine and publishing house since 2004, and working as a freelancer for various magazines.

With the Seance publishing house I made two books with the portraits of Russian cinema makers.

Eventually I shifted to cinema while studying at Musrara — The Naggar School of Photography and New Media in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 2011 I scripted, directed and filmed feature documentary movie When New Year Comes on Shabbat.

Since then I moved to Berlin and working as cinematographer on documentary, features and video movies.



2014 Brit Milah, director, camera, editor – Nikita Pavlov, 7 min, video movie.
2012 When New Year Comes on Shabbat, director, camera – Nikita Pavlov, editors – Petr Zhukov, Viktoriya Chupakhina. 83 min, documentary diary.

World premiere at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, 26 Oct 2012 in the “Between the Seas” competition section.
Russian premiere at the ArtDocFest Film Festival (Moscow), 10 Dec 2012 in the competition program “Sreda”.

2010 Stories for my daughter, idea by Petr Zhukov. 17 min, video movie.

director of photography
2019 I, Pastafari (episode cinematographer), feature documentary, in production.
2018 I WANT, director Maria Naumova, performance video, 27 minutes.
2018 Borderline, director Sean Blacknell, music video, 3 minutes.
2018 Eva’s Mission, director Martha van der Bly, documentary feature, in production.
2017 The Meat on the Picture, director Maria Naumova, performance video, 9 minutes.
2016 It’s Getting Dark, director Olga Kravets, documentary feature, 48 min.
World premiere at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

2016 Tomorrow Will Be The Same, director Petr Zhukov, feature, 1 hour 6 min.
2016 Çiçek, director Petr Zhukov, feature, 153 min.
2014 Return of a Curonian Pilot, director Petr Zhukov, feature.
2013 Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, VICE, documentary, 31 min.
2013 Étude Fiskars, director Nina Pulkkis, documentary, in process.
2013 Farewell to Fireplace, director Petr Zhukov, 19 min.
2012 Birthday, director Anastasiia Kyryliuk, 15 min.
2012 Anton’s Right Here (episode cinematographer), director Lyubov Arkus, documentary, 110 min.
2012 Goodbye, Tegel, director Sergio Rufini Mastropasqua, 8 min.
2011 U, director Petr Zhukov, 15 min.
2011 The Shelter, director Olga Kravets. installation and multimedia.


2009 Russian Cinema. Reality Point. Publishing house Seance.
2009 Actors of the current. Publishing house Seance and publishing house Amphora.

Solo exhibitions:

2009 Film Stills, bookcafe at Gallery design/bulthaup, Russia, Saint Petersburg;
2009 Russian Cinema, Reality Point, Cinema House, Russia, Saint Petersburg;
2009 My still life in Jerusalem, Brown Stripe gallery, Russia, Moscow;
2008 26/40, Valley of the Cross, Israel, Jerusalem;
2008 26/40, Hermitage Garden, Russia, Moscow;
2007 25 years in Russia, Brown Stripe gallery, Russia, Moscow;

Group exhibitions:

2017 In The Place Where We Stand II at the Circle1 gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 RichterFest, Moscow, Russia
2013 Saint Denis evagations by Upward! union in Brown Stripe gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 Journey exhibition by Upward! union, Moscow, Russia
2011 Graduation exhibition in Musrara school, Israel, Jerusalem
2011 A Field of Silence, video exhibition by Upward! union, Hlebnikovo, Russia
2011 Screening at MAMM at the presentation of the Vidiot ?5 video magazine, Moscow, Russia
2010 Local Testimony, Israeli Photojournalism, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 Entresol, Musrara Mix 10, Jerusalem, Israel
2010 Daemon/Breast of Globalization, ?orridor gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
2010 Self portraits, ?orridor gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
2009 Fetish, Between Mango and Passion Fruit gallery, Petah Tikva, Israel
2009 Tribute, Yellow Submarine club, Jerusalem, Israel
2009 Polaroid, Book Cafe, Design Gallery / bulthaup, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2009 Local Testimony, Israeli Photojournalism, The Open Museum of Photography Tel—Hai, Israel
2008 Local Testimony, Israeli Photojournalism, Dizengof Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2007 Fire, Jerusalem House of Quality, Israel, Jerusalem;
2007 25 years in Russia, Jerusalem House of Quality, Israel, Jerusalem;
2007 Improvisation #8, Turgenev library`s gallery, Russia, Moscow;
2006 Improvisation #7, Na Peschanoy gallery, Russia, Moscow;
2005 New time — new names, pavilion Culture, All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Russia, Moscow;
2005 Improvisation #6, Olhovka gallery, Russia, Moscow;
2005 Performance «AntiSelfportrait» at festival of modern art _OTKAT_, Russia, Saint Petersbourg;
2005 Current Foto 3 at festival of modern art _OTKAT_, Russia, Saint Petersbourg;
2005 Improvisation #5, MSU, Russia, Moscow;
2005 Current Foto 2, Bilingua club, Russia, Moscow;
2004 Current Foto, Autumn Photomarathon, GEZ-21, Art Center Pushkinskaya, 10, Russia, Saint-Petersburg;
2004 Improvisation #4, Na Kashirke gallery, Russia, Moscow;

Projects participation:

2006 (Inter)connection (Ekaterina Gavrilova and Petr Joukov project), Urban(Still)Life, 4th internation festival of young art Stoy! Kto idet?, PROEKT_FABRIKA, Russia, Moscow;
2005 54 characters (Ekaterina Gavrilova and Petr Joukov project)
3hd internation festival of young art Stoy! Kto idet?, Center of Modern art MARS, Russia, Moscow;
DeArt05 festival, Russia, Moscow;
ZeroCinema club, Russia, Saint-Petersburg;
National Centre of Photography, Russia, Saint-Petersburg;


2011 The Esther Hevroni excellence award – for a final project in Musrara school.
2010 Local Testimony, Israeli Photojournalism, exhibition is held each year along with the World Press Photo. Third places in categories Culture and Arts and Society and Community.
2008 Local Testimony, Israeli Photojournalism, exhibition is held each year along with the World Press Photo. Second place in Nature category.
2003 300th anniversary of the Saint Petersburg contest. Second place in Saint Petersburg at Night category.

Books as contributor:

2008 The Sentimental Book by Stanislav Sinyagin: a collection of selected work by amateur and professional photographers from all around the world.
Full pdf preview: cover, body. Available for ordering.


2011 Haaretz
2011 Vidiot ?5
2010 Haaretz
2009 Kommersant
2009 Vedomosti of Saint-Petersburg
2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda
2009 Seance
2005 Re:Action newspaper;
2005 Best Digital Cameras #2(5) magazine;

Work has appeared in:

Cover of the Le cinema de Leos Carax. L’experience du «deja-vu» (Le borde de l’eau, Paris:2009)

Esquire (Russia), Harper’s Bazaar (Russia), Elle (Russia), Afisha, Timeout (Russia), Penthouse (Russia), Play (Russia), Stereo&Video, Seance, Maariv/Signon, Personal Time, Cinema park, Case, Msk.Sobaka.Ru, Fakel, Seventeen (Russia), Cosmopolitan Magic (Russia), Dolce Magazine, Baku, OM light, Top Sante (Russia), Bravo (Russia), Story (Russia), Transaero, Best Digital Cameras, Art Digger, Cigar Clan, Restaurants of Moscow, Beaty and Health, Interbusiness

Sunday Times, Jerusalem Post, Moskovskii Komsomolets, Izvestia, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Bolshoi Gorod, Maariv, Vremya Novostey, Re:Action, Element, Man’s Music, Rossiyskie Vesti

Russia Online, Gazeta.Ru, Russian Reporter, OpenSpace (1, 2),, Booknik.Ru,, Chabad On Line


Phone in Berlin: +49-178-539-09-47

Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew.

Currently residing in Berlin, Germany.