I am a filmmaker, DoP and photographer based in Germany.
Currently I am in Spain and available for work worldwide.
My phone number is +34 665 684 891.

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, I was working as a photographer in Russia and Israel for more than 10 years, being staff photographer with the Seance film magazine and publishing house since 2004, and working as a freelancer for various magazines.

With the Seance publishing house I made two books with the portraits of Russian cinema makers.

Eventually I shifted to cinema while studying at Musrara — The Naggar School of Photography and New Media in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 2011 I scripted, directed and filmed feature documentary movie When New Year Comes on Shabbat.

Since then I moved to Berlin and working as cinematographer on documentary, features and video movies. I was a cameraman on a VICE movie Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, with Petr Zhukov I worked on a feature movie Martı in Turkey, with Olga Kravets I filmed documentary It’s Getting Dark, and currently I work on my first feature movie.




The Cinemathon Workshop

This is the video of the workshop on the future of cinema that I was filming for Cinemathon. The project was premiered in Cannes. Filmed on Digital Bolex and Canon EOS 5D Mark III in raw format.

Interview with Michael Green

Here is an excerpt of an interview I shot in Paris at the climate conference with an architect and TED-talker Michael Green for the upcoming episode of the Future of Finland documentary series:

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Contact me

Currently I am in Spain.

You can write me at nikit@a@nnoikitapavl.comov.com or call at +34 665 684 891.