I am a filmmaker, DoP and photographer based in Germany.
Currently I am in Berlin and available for work worldwide.
My phone number is +49 178 539 09 47.

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, I was working as a photographer in Russia and Israel for more than 10 years, being staff photographer with the Seance film magazine and publishing house since 2004, and working as a freelancer for various magazines.

With the Seance publishing house I made two books with the portraits of Russian cinema makers.

Eventually I shifted to cinema while studying at Musrara — The Naggar School of Photography and New Media in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 2011 I scripted, directed and filmed feature documentary movie When New Year Comes on Shabbat.

Since then I moved to Berlin and working as cinematographer on documentary, features and video movies. I was a cameraman on a VICE movie Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, with Petr Zhukov I worked on a feature movie Çiçek in Turkey, with Olga Kravets I filmed documentary It’s Getting Dark, and currently I work on my first feature movie.



Screenings of our movie Tomorrow Will Be the same in Russia

Our movie Tomorrow Will Be the same (Director Petr Laden, cinematographer Nikita Pavlov) will be screened 6.03.17 at the festival Spirit of Fire in Khanty-Mansiysk, and in Moscow at the Centre of Documentary Cinema 9.03.17.

Our movie at ArtDocFest Moscow

Our movie It’s Getting Dark (director Olga Kravets, DoP Nikita Pavlov) will be screened at Moscow ArtDocFest. Октябрь 11 Каро, зал 7     Sun 4.12.16     20:45    buy tickets Октябрь 11 Каро, зал 6     Wed 7.12.16     17:00    buy tickets

Our movie will be at IDFA!

That means a lot for us. Our movie It’s Getting Dark about families of political prisoners in Russia (director Olga Kravets, DP Nikita Pavlov) has been selected for the World Premiere at the 29th edition of International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, which will take place from November 16-27. We were told that the selection committee found…

Screening of our movie Return of Curonian Pilot in Moscow 25.09.16

25 September 2016 at the International Kansk Video Festival will be a screening of our movie “Return of Curonian Pilot” (director Petr Zhukov, DP Nikita Pavlov. http://festival-cannes.ru/ru/home-ru-ru/352-international-competition-part-2-mezhdunarodnyj-konkurs-chast-2.html

I shot a video about Syrian refugee feeding homeless people in Berlin

This is the video I shot for Global Citizen about Syrian refugee Alex Assali and his project Give Something Back to German People, where he feeds every Sunday homeless people on Alexanderplatz.

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Contact me

Currently I am in Berlin.

You can write me at nikit@a@nnoikitapavl.comov.com or call at +49 178 539 09 47.