I am a filmmaker, DoP and videographer based in Berlin, Germany.
Currently I am in Berlin and available for work worldwide.
My phone number is +49 178 539 09 47.
And you can always write me at nikita@nikitapavlov.com.

You can check my cinematography portfolio at nikitapavlov.de

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, I was working as a photographer in Russia and Israel for more than 10 years, mostly making portraits.

Eventually I shifted to cinema while studying at Musrara — The Naggar School of Photography and New Media in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 2011 I scripted, directed and filmed feature documentary movie When New Year Comes on Shabbat.

Since then I moved to Berlin and working as cinematographer on documentary, features and video movies. I was a cameraman on a VICE movie Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, with Petr Zhukov I worked on a feature movie Çiçek in Turkey, with Olga Kravets I filmed documentary It’s Getting Dark (IDFA 2016 competition), and currently I work on my first feature movie.



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Maffick’s Waste-Ed

For Maffick’s new channel Waste-Ed I participated in creating this video. I shot interviews, views of WeWork office and Berlin (also used some old footage, like my drone shot), and did some editing. Nice to see myself in the credits. Normally happens only in the longer form videos.


LGBTQI Jamaicans escape to Germany with the help of Rainbow Railroad

Video I shot for Rainbow Railroad about four people who escaped Jamaica because of violence and hate against LGBTQI.

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Screening of our video I WANT at the BERLIN ART WEEK

Our video I WANT (director Maria Naumova, director of photography Nikita Pavlov) will be shown at the Berlin Art Week, in ‘The Publisher’, Torstrasse 147, Berlin. 28.09 | 6pm – 10pm 29.09 | 4pm -10 pm


Zalando Play

With amazing team from The Studio at Zalando we made a video with Aminata Belli and Anouk Jans about 90’s party looks. Check it out here: https://www.zalando.de/play/style-unboxed/aminata-annouk-video/

event video

Event video

Recently I filmed an event video. Most of it shot on a little Sony RX100 Mark V.

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Contact me

Currently I am in Berlin.

You can write me at nikita@nikitapavlov.com or call at +49 178 539 09 47.

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